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Why Go Green?

Why Go Green?

Oftentimes, when people hear that they should go Green, meaning living a more sustainable life, that this will cost them money.  By making lifestyle changes which makes them more socially responsible, they believe that it will affect their bank account in a negative way, and this has made them hesitant to adopt a more socially responsible lifestyle.

Going green

Individuals are not the only ones opposed to going Green, many businesses have adopted the same hesitations.  They hold on to the false belief that all of the regulations based upon businesses will just cost them money, affecting their bottom line.  In turn, they are hesitant to even look into programs that can help them to become more socially responsible members of society.  Not to mention the politicization of this topic which has become a hot topic for politicians in the USA.  One side says that it costs money, and it is not needed, the other party says we are not doing enough.

They fail to understand that by going Green, they can increase their profits.  Their ROI’s will increase.  One of the goals of going Green is to reduce and ultimately eliminate waste.  If a manufacturing company can reduce waste from 25% to let’s say, 2-3%, wouldn’t that be worth it?

Increasing revenue by implementing sustainable methods is not the only benefit.  You will increase your social capitol.  Studies of shown that 80% of consumers prefer to buy products from companies that use eco-friendly production practices.  Virtually all consumers have at least one environmental issue that they care about; whereas over half of all consumers will boycott companies if found that they have unsustainable products or services. If these consumers know that they can use the product of an environmentally responsible company, they will do so. Consumers want to make socially responsible green purchases, but do not have the means to do so.

Studies have also found that a third of consumers want recycling and composting information listed on product packaging, and more information about their sustainability practices so that they can make informed eco-friendly purchases.

Recycling Containers

Recycling is important to consumers.

Other Benefits of going Green are:

  • Tax Benefits and Incentives – Green strategies often equal tax benefits or deductions. There are many incentives at both the state and federal level for using renewable energy, in some cases up to 30% of the cost for installed solar systems.
  • Attracting and Retaining Top Talent – Top talent are drawn to companies that are socially responsible and are open about being a Green Company. They share the same concerns and are glad to be with a company that cares about the environment.
  • Position Your Company to Become a Thought Leader – This can allow you to position your firm to be a leader within your industry. You can institute revolutionary practices and get a jump on your competition. Be sure to keep your customers in the loop by using social media.  This will increase your brand.
  • Healthier Workplace – Employees taking sick days cost money and time in valuable production. By doing simple things like addressing pollutants such as carpet fumes, chemicals, and stale air by implementing ventilated air will help.  A healthier staff is more energetic, Productive, and motivated. Allow for employees to address their concerns in a monthly newsletter, email, or to the HR or Sustainability Manager.
  • Contributing to the Sustainability of our Planet – We now understand that we do not have infinite resources in a finite world. Many resources are being depleted, leaving nothing for future generations. Also, our environment needs to be protected.  Pollution creates many unseen problems that need to be addressed or we will all suffer collectively as a result.  You will do your part to make the planet a greener and more beautiful place.

As you can see there are many benefits by going Green.  As a business owner or executive, it is now up to you to do your part.  There is no valid excuse why you should not go Green.  You will increase both your revenues and market share while becoming an industry leader.  Communicating that you care about the environment and social issues by using social media, blogs, and your home page will benefit your brand while positioning you as an industrial trailblazer.

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