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Vendor Diversity

Promoting Vendor Diversity at PSCG


At PSCG, we recognize the importance of fostering diversity and inclusion not only within our own organization but also throughout our vendor network. Our commitment to vendor diversity reflects our belief that diverse suppliers bring unique perspectives, innovative solutions, and added value to our business.


Key Initiatives for Vendor Diversity:


  1. Diverse Supplier Outreach: We actively seek out vendors from diverse backgrounds, including minority-owned, women-owned, LGBTQ+-owned, veteran-owned, and small businesses. By expanding our supplier base to include a diverse range of businesses, we promote economic empowerment and create opportunities for underrepresented groups.

  2. Supplier Diversity Training: We provide training and resources to help our procurement teams understand the importance of vendor diversity and how to effectively engage with diverse suppliers. By raising awareness and building capacity within our organization, we empower our teams to make informed decisions that support supplier diversity goals.

  3. Diverse Supplier Development: We are committed to supporting the growth and development of diverse suppliers through mentorship, networking opportunities, and capacity-building initiatives. By investing in the success of diverse suppliers, we help to strengthen their businesses and increase their competitiveness in the marketplace.


Download Our Vendor Diversity Policy:


To learn more about PSCG’s commitment to vendor diversity and inclusion, we invite you to download our Vendor Diversity Policy here.


By partnering with diverse suppliers, we not only drive positive social impact but also strengthen our supply chain and drive business innovation.

Thank you for supporting vendor diversity at PSCG.

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