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The Team

Great work requires great people, and we think ours are some of the best.

We’re a creative, friendly and diverse bunch, who truly enjoy what we do and the people we work with. Our team spirit, expertise and perspective helps us create solutions that go far beyond just a good idea.

Steven Pearce

Position :CEO
Experience:12 Years
Steven began his sustainability career in 2012 as a consultant for 5th SUN EMS Consulting Services, working with international development projects.
He later began to work in Corporate Sustainability, which put him in the unique position of having experience consulting to nation-states and MNCs.
Steven earned his Bachelor’s of Integrated Studies with General, Departmental, and University Honors at Weber State University. He went on to earn his MBA with an Emphasis in Sustainability Management, and Master of Project Management. Steven is currently pursuing his ALM in Global Development Practice Graduate Program at Harvard University Extension School.

Certificates: Penn University: The Materiality of ESG /Duke University Impact Measurement & Management for the SDGs /ESG Risks and Opportunities /ESG Impact: Investor Perspective /ESG and Climate Change /ESG and Social Activism.

Thomas O’Donnell

Position :Sustainability and Environmental Professional
Experience:45 Years
Dr. O’Donnell is a geologist, environmental scientist, entrepreneur, teacher and also a sustainability coordinator at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (NAHE) in its Sustainable Management of Food Program.
Tom is the primary architect of the Urban Surplus Food Recovery Model, which was acknowledged through a 2014 Public Service Excellence in Government award and, with his colleagues, through a 2019 USEPA National Achievement award. He is also the inaugural Engagements with the Common Good Fellow at Cabrini University, Pa where he teaches classes in food insecurity and hunger.
Current interests include supporting predictive analytic tools and earned-revenue models for farm food loss and helping others find new ways to process and distribute nutritious surplus food into communities with access challenges. He also advocates for expanding business opportunities and jobs to reduce food waste in the United States.
Tom earned a Doctorate in environmental science from the University of Virginia and holds both Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in geology from Franklin & Marshall College and the University of Texas at Dallas, respectively.
His research has been broadly published in peer-reviewed, international scientific journals, trade association publications, and blog posts on food insecurity. As a past-time, Tom, an ultramarathoner, trains adults to run half-marathons and full-marathons. He and his wife Margie have two sons and two grandchildren.

John Larson

Position : COO
Location : USA

Emna Essaddik PhD

Position : Chief Economic Strategist for Developing Nations

Alexandra Tsoutsas

Position : Business Development Manager Africa and MENA Region

Cassandra Walton

Position : Business Development Manager

Taher Tlili

Position: Global Development Consultant/Legal Counsel

Amir Amdouni

Position : ESG Analyst MENA Region
Location: Tunisia - MENA Region

Raouf Saada

Position : IT/Cyber Security
Location: Tunisia - UK

Emna Hamed

Position : Renewable Energy & Environmental Engineer
Location: Tunisia / Germany

Cedric Singleton

Position: Project Development Coordinator

Issa Saidi

Position : CFO MENA Region
Location: Tunisia - MENA Region

Mohamed Amine Allegui

Position : Geographer and Geospatial Environmental Engineer

Pierre Simon Kitegi

Position : Climate Scientist and Agronomist
Location: West Africa

Nouha Hfaidha

Position : Executive Assistant

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