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Pearce Sustainability Consulting Group (PSCG) listed as partner with USAID

Pearce Sustainability Consulting Group (PSCG) listed as partner with USAID

Pearce Sustainability Consulting Group, LLC, (PSCG) is excited to announce their new partnership with USAID. USAID is the world’s premier international development agency and a catalytic actor driving development results. USAID’s work advances U.S. national security and economic prosperity, demonstrates American generosity, and promotes a path to recipient self-reliance and resilience. PSCG is the only partner of USAID that offers ESG Services. Additionally, PSCG can help other organizations listed with USAID, and other government contractors with the ability to formulate their climate risk management process.

PSCG, famous for their award-winning ESG Reporting, but they have recently partnered with USA Digital Network, and Net0, which now allows PSCG to offer its clients top-tier data collecting solutions, using AI to gain real-time data about their climate risks and impact. This innovative software also has the capability to uncover carbon reduction strategies in real-time. This top-tier carbon reducing software also allows Receive shareable certificates that confirm your carbon neutrality, backed by renowned carbon market registries, and audited by third-party firms. Additionally, companies can get certification showing their commitment to becoming Carbon Neutral.

Not only does PSCG aim to help other USAID Partners and government contractors to fulfill their obligatory duties in reducing carbon emissions and creating ESG Reports, but PSCG will also focus on development projects in the MENA Region, Africa, and SE Asia. Some of these projects will be, but not limited to: Humanitarian Crisis Assistance; Evaluation of Climate Shock and Mitigation Strategies; Health Crisis; Increase health capacity to women and Children; eliminate food insecurity; and work to improve local economies through innovative strategies with the goal of reducing extreme poverty.

PSCG has accumulated a talented pool of professionals with experience in their respective fields. CEO Steven Pearce is adapt at ESG and Climate Reduction Strategies, as well as working with government agencies on sustainability strategies. Dr. Thomas O’Donnell is a regional manager with the EPA and has many years of experience combating food insecurity. Dr. Emna Essaddik works with the Tunisian Ministry of Health and has been instrumental in creating health reforms in the MENA Region. She is also an expert in Micro-Economics and has published work on how to improve the economies and the health situations in both the MENA Region and throughout Africa. Tahir Tlili is both a lawyer and consultant who has worked with the UNDP, and has helped to form over 100 tech based companies, in conjunction with the UNDP, in Southern Tunisia, to help eliminate poverty, and bring high paying jobs to be in this underserved area of Tunisia. Cedric Singleton, who is also the CEO of Black Market Records, has 24 offices throughout the planet, including in Africa and the Caribbean. He was part of a team of African Americans from Sacramento, California that brought $300 Millions USD to Uganda, to invest in hospitals and construction, to help with development there. He has also been instrumental in distributing much needed food aid throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

The team at PSCG is committed to helping Developing Nations to boost their economy, and improve their current situation to get out of the extreme-poverty trap based upon the 17 SDG Goals of the United Nations. With the combined expertise of PSCG’s staff, PSCG is primed to do their part to make the world a better place by helping with local development and the most pressing concerns in the countries that have the most dire needs.

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