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Wealth & Finance International announces Pearce Sustainability Consulting Group (PSCG) as finalist for Best Boutique Sustainability & ESG Consulting Company.

Wealth & Finance International announces Pearce Sustainability Consulting Group (PSCG) as finalist for Best Boutique Sustainability & ESG Consulting Company.

PSCG is proud to announce that Wealth & Finance International reached out to us to inform us that we have been nominated as the Best Boutique Sustainability and ESG Consulting Company for their Second Annual Management Consulting Awards. Upon hearing about this prestigious nomination, PSCG CEO Steven W. Pearce said, “It is both an honor and a privilege to accept this nomination on behalf of the hard-working staff and PSCG, as well as all of our clients that we have ever worked with. To be nominated for an award in such a short time means a lot to us, but also makes us realize that the bar has been set higher. We will continue to strive to bring the best sustainability consulting services to our clients. We treat our clients as family, and it is important for us to maintain close relationships with our clients. PSCG was founded upon the notion that climate change is accelerating at a rapid rate, and we wanted to do our little part to try to make a difference in saving the planet”.

In PSCG’s short-time, CEO Steven Pearce has been involved in numerous workshops and was a featured speaker during the Facilities Management Compliance Week, with the subject being, Why Your ESG Strategy Relies on Facilities Management, in February of 2022. Steven Pearce and ESG Senior Manager for F5, and Caitlin Horsley presented to over 150 facilities managers from across the world. The event was sponsored by Avetta, which is a leading global platform on which clients can manage supply chain risks and suppliers can prove the value of their business.

Why Your ESG Strategy Relies on Facilities Management
Why Your ESG Strategy Relies on Facilities Management.

Our journey is only just beginning, we are in the process of expanding aggressively, with new employees in Dubai, Tunisia, and the Atlanta Metro Area. Our new employees or financial gurus, CPAs, Engineers that specialize in Green Projects, Urban Development, and Food Security. We understand that to be a successful Sustainability Consulting Company, we should have services that tackle many important issues besides ESG and climate change, such as Global and Urban Development and Food Security. With the rapidly growing global population, food security is an important topic, and is a cause for much dissension throughout the planet.

PSCG started by auditing development projects funded by the African Development Bank,, as well as doing consultation for the Tunisian Ministry of Sustainability and Development, in which they have developed programs to help educate the youth on the importance of recycling, which is based on the current EPA model. Some of our early clients were also ANGED, and the Tunisian Ministry of Health. We created a plan to create a new medical waste program which allows Tunisian hospitals to safely get rid of medical waste without GHG Emissions, while also creating an energy source.

Wealth & Finance International is a news organization who’s target audience are High-Net Worth Individuals who want the latest news in investment trends. They have over 45,000 subscribers. Wealth & Finance International is committed to keeping their subscribers up-to-date with the fast-paced and ever-changing world of finance. The brand features businesses and finance leaders that are determined to help clients through their financial struggles and provide them with thorough advice on how to look after their wealth and assets.

If your organization needs help in their sustainability journey, we can help. No matter where your organization is in it’s sustainability programs, and ESG reporting, we can identify opportunities to improve your organization’s overall performance. Feel free to contact one of our consultants to schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your organizations sustainability programs and needs.

Winners to be announced in October of 2023. Congrats to all nominees.

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