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How can ESG help your organization?

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance and provides a framework for a more resilient and sustainable way of doing business. Encompassing a range of considerations, ESG serves to identify, measure, report on and improve the impact a business has on the world around it and the communities in which it operates.

Why ESG is important

Business and investment think-tank, PWC, found that investors are paying more attention to the ESG risks and opportunities facing the companies they invest in, and are poised to take action. Nearly 80% said ESG was an important factor in their investment decision-making; almost 70% thought ESG factors should figure into executive compensation targets; and about 50% expressed willingness to divest from companies that didn’t take sufficient action on ESG issues.

More than a risk management tool, ESG is an opportunity to unlock value. But successful implementation requires a strategy closely aligned with business priorities to build consensus and support among stakeholders.

What we do

PSCG’s ESG and Sustainability Consulting professionals provide comprehensive guidance to companies and advisors navigating today’s evolving, and rapidly shifting, ESG-driven demands. From materiality assessments; sustainability planning and reporting; to net zero strategies; and ESG-related internal investigations, among many other services, our diverse group of experts will guide you throughout your ESG journey to support a more sustainable and inclusive future for your organization and the world more broadly, allowing your company to become a socially responsible leader and becoming an industry trendsetter.

Solutions for Your Business

PSCG’s end-to-end ESG and sustainability consultants understands the emerging trends driving corporate strategy and provides an integrated approach to identify risks, develop a roadmap forward, and seize opportunities for leadership. Our diverse team of experts brings an expansive range of capabilities and offerings together to work through every phase and facet of an ESG program to deliver authentic, impactful solutions tailored to your unique business needs and stakeholder priorities.

How We Help

A successful ESG program is authentic, grounded in accurate data, and aligned with the company’s overarching strategy and stakeholder priorities. PSCG combines deep industry and subject matter expertise to develop ESG programs that deliver tailored solutions to help a company become more sustainable and provide assurance to stakeholders that it consistently manages ESG risks and opportunities.

In order to be successful, an investor or organization should not only be knowledgeable about ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) but should know how all three areas are beneficial to their overall goals.

ESG metrics: Environmental, Social, Governance


Climate Change Strategy: Assess climate change risks and develop strategies to protect and enhance enterprise value. Assess market opportunities offered by the transition to a low-carbon, climate resilient and circular economy.

Sustainable Finance / Taxonomy: Advise clients in re-orienting investment towards more sustainable technologies and businesses, with investments aligned to nationally and globally-recognized frameworks and classifications.

Net Zero Strategy: Develop strategies to achieve product or company carbon neutrality in a cost-effective manner.

Quantification of Impact: Quantify current and anticipated financial, environmental, and social impacts of business operations across a range of scenarios.

Energy Transition: Assist companies in prioritizing, procuring, and financing renewable energy, energy conservation, and energy optimization, including storage.

Regulatory Reporting: Assist companies in efficient data collection and disclosure in order to satisfy multiple regulatory requirements related to climate and environmental impact.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging: Build awareness, knowledge, and strategies to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Employee Health, Safety & Wellness: Develop programs, processes, and initiatives to support the physical and mental health, safety, and wellbeing of employees.

Community Engagement: Create a communications/outreach strategy to engage members of the community and strengthen its social license to operate.

Human Trafficking: Develop strategies and compliance programs to identify/eliminate human trafficking and any modern-day slavery from the supply chain.

Human Rights: Investigate and develop strategies to ensure company upholds fundamental human rights principles, aligned to internationally-recognized guidelines and frameworks.

Environmental Justice: Develop strategies to address local challenges from environmental or community activists that impact reputation and operations.

Emerging Societal Issues: Support companies navigating emerging societal issues and the rapidly-evolving expectations of both internal and external stakeholders.


Compliance Programs: Conduct holistic assessments of corporate compliance and governance programs to develop, implement and monitor effective compliance, detection, and risk management. Perform risk assessments, third-party due diligence and investigations.

Data Management & Controls: Develop data management protocols to set and transparently manage ESG data, enabling company to have defensible and accurate data, internal controls, and regulatory preparedness.

Executive Compensation: Advance a company’s sustainability agenda by aligning executive incentives with the company’s ESG strategy.

Board Diversity: Develop Board diversity goals and implementation plans, including recruitment strategies and succession planning.

Cyber, Data Protection & Data Privacy: Identify potential vulnerabilities with existing systems, protocols, and practices. Develop and execute mitigation strategies, including an incident response plan and proactive employee training.

Financial Crime, Sanctions and Export Controls: Advisory services for developing effective management of compliance with global regulations, including risk assessments, program design and implementation, and investigations.

Start your ESG journey today

PSCG provides a hybrid approach of the 3 scopes in ESG Reporting, based upon the ESG Reporting Agencies criterion, which allows for the most accurate representation of your organization’s goals, successes, and opportunities for improvement. Our team of professional Sustainability consultants are looking forward to helping you with your journey into ESG today. No matter if you have never done an ESG Report, or are not getting the scores you want, we can help. Contact our Sustainability Consultants and book your free 30 minute consultation today.

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