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Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

What is The Carbon Footprint?

Understanding what the Carbon Footprint is and how to reduce it is one of the most important dilemmas facing humanity. If the Carbon Footprint is not reduced, then we will face certain disaster as both a species and a planet.  All it will take is for the average temperature to raise by 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Degrees Fahrenheit) for there to be disastrous consequences.  The impacts will be irreversible and will lead to widespread extinction.  We are already in the midst of one of the biggest extinction events in history.

Carbon Footprint

The Carbon Footprint is the mount of GHG gas emissions such as Carbon and Methane caused by individuals, events, organizations, or products.  It is measured as tons of CO2.  When these GHG gasses go into our atmosphere, it will cause heat to be stored, slowly causing the temperature to rise.  When the temperature rises, it has effects such as the polar ice caps and and ice packs in mountain ranges to melt.  This is a natural response, as the ice melts it spreads out causing a natural reflection of the sun rays.  It is a natural way to prevent overheating, but it is not enough.

With the advent of the Industrial Age, the new machines brought with them environmental destruction.  Not only were pollutants being dumped into our soil and waterways, but these GHG gasses have been collecting in our atmosphere.  Everything we operate releases some form of GHG.  We now understand the effects on the environment and there is a stated goal through the Paris Climate Agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change that we collectively would work towards keeping the temperature rise caused by GHG emissions to 2 Degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels; and to pursue efforts to limit it to only 1.5 Degrees Celsius.  196 countries signed this accord.

Under the Paris Agreement, each country must determine, plan, and regularly report on the contribution that it takes to mitigate global warming.  Global warming caused climate change and will create other problems such as an increase in harsh weather, whether it be more fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.  It is obvious to any astute observer that our climate has already begun to change.

There are many things that we as individuals, families, and businesses can do to do our part in lowering our Carbon Footprint.  As of right now the average American emits 16 tons of CO2 a year, the global average being 4 tons.  Organizations such as The Nature Conservancy believe that to prevent the global temperature from rising 2 Degrees Celsius that this number of CO2 emission should be reduced to less than 2 tons.  This seems like an extremely ambitious target.

Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategies

Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategies

However, there is hope.  One of the best cleaners of Carbon are trees.  You can plant a tree. Every hardwood tree absorbs 48 pounds of Carbon a year. Also, we can make minor lifestyle changes such as line dry your clothes, use renewable energy, carpool, and lesson connecting flights.

We can measure your Carbon Footprint is and help you to lessen your Carbon Footprint.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

GHG Emissions by Sector

GHG Emissions by Sector

PSCG Carbon Footprint Calculator is a powerful and unique tool that allows you
to input your Carbon usage and see your score based on your usage. 


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